Rules for Parents

Parents are a vital part of the club.  Parents are expected to be supportive and respectful of all the coaches.  You will not find harder working or more loyal coaches anywhere.  We need your to help support our views of healthy eating and living.   For example, the club does not allow junk food or soda to be brought on trips.  It would help our cause if the parents did not bring it either.  In support of academic excellence, we ask that you assist your child in setting up an efficient time management system to balance athletics and scholastic work.  We understand that school work comes first. Lastly, we ask that you allow the coaches to coach.  That means parents should not give instructions to their child, which may be contradictory to the coaches’ wishes.  This means both during and after competitions and practices.  If you ever have any questions regarding your child’s status, it is expected that you will contact a coach before verbally voicing your opinion to your child or another parent. These rules are in place to avoid confusion to your child and to promote the healthiest environment for everyone involved:      


1. Make sure your child attends every practice on time and call if they cannot make it

2. Fill out and return all permission slips in a timely manner, so we can plan properly for all events

3. Attend all parent meetings and participate in the teams’ fundraisers and functions, bring your ideas to meetings or even better, call or e-mail a coach today

4. Make sure that your child is getting extra rest and is eating healthy on a daily basis (limit junk foods)

5. Encourage your child to do their best and refrain from making negative remarks in public or private.

6. Volunteer your time for the club and ask the coaches if there is anything that you can do outside of practice sessions or track meets

7. Communicate with the coaches if you have any needs or concerns

8. Allow the coaches to do their jobs by not trying to train your child outside of practice time or suggesting to the child that they are going to be able to participate in particular events, relays or meets.  That has, and always will be the coach’s job!